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We Exist Even Dead - On Tour

In this blog I'll show you some of the highlights of the presentation tour of We Exist Even Dead's new album called EVENTIDE. I'll start explaining the travel to there, showing you some of my favourite photos during this tour and many other cool things! 


Starting really early in the morning of Friday I've taken a flight from Madrid to Barcelona (the city where this tour started). The flight was a bit late so immediately I arrived to Barcelpna I went into the center of the city to buy some new gear for this tour.

Photo of the crew for this tour.

Photo of the crew for this tour.

Here is the family photo with everyone working on this tour, musicians, runner and manager of the band, really nice people and easy to work with (also this tour was really funny to do, all thanks to this family!

Some of my favourite photos of the show in Barcelona, We Exist Even Dead has brought some cool lights and h2o machines so you can expect to not only enjoy their music it was also cool to watch all the show visually.

The band posing in front of a colorful wall.

The band posing in front of a colorful wall.

The second day we played on a 100% DIY organized place on Vitoria. All the houses were decorated with paintings like this one. Mental!

We got for some coffee, Alejandro didn't come with us on this coffee walk.

weed vitoria more-15.jpg

On this tour we also have toured with Meltdown, they are one of my favorite bands and they put on an intense and energic live show. Second time seeing them and always an absolute pleasure to catch them.

Some photos of We Exist Even Dead show in Vitoria. Tried those mid to long exp flashy photos, the result really cool. You can appreciate that the show was so intense, Guille also ended in blood.

And here some photos of Meltdown's show.

weed vitoria more-6.jpg

And I'm ending this tour blog with a photo of Oscar on our way back to home after an incredible weekend of touring of the presentation of Eventide. But this don't end here. In this tour I was more recording video to work so expect a video coming soon here.