Far From Oniria - Tour

With the recent change on the vocals here is the new line-up of Far From Oniria.

Far From Oniria band - Fast Promo Shooting

Far From Oniria band - Fast Promo Shooting

This is my second time working with them, they are a band that you really enjoy working with them, they are always open to any idea and people really compromised with a solid product. 

I've done with them some pre-show pictures in the backstage and while preparing for the gig, Razzmatazz Club has a really nice vip club where you can see through that big windows the street and the people on front of the venue queuing in the door to go to the show.

They are really good musicians and they always put on a solid performance with a lot of energy! Here i've posted some photos of their live performance, also a plus is they told me to go in absolutely free style in the edition of the photos so i've tried with something more artistically.

And here are some photos we shot, as you can see they can be really nice people it's incredible to see this band grow together as a big family.